Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Mississippi State was selected by the Federal Aviation Administration in 2015 as the National Center of Excellence for Unmanned Aircraft Systems. That means our teams are writing the flight plans for a new industry right on our MSU campus.

Audio Transcription: Flight. It's driven mankind's dreams for centuries. The ability to soar above the earth. To travel to faraway places. To connect distant points. Man flights to the moon and space were once the stars for which we reached. 

Now, unmanned aircraft are the future. 

At Mississippi State University, our teams are developing unmatched, unmanned aircraft systems for an array of critical applications. We're so good at it, the Federal Aviation Administration named MSU a center of excellence in the field. Asking us to lead the team that's creating the operating regulations for unmanned aircraft systems worldwide. 

So essentially, we're writing the flight plan for an industry that is the future. Our work means better information, better opportunity, and limitless horizons for you. 

The sky really is the only limit.