Flu Research

Vaccines are our most effective weapon to prevent flu outbreaks — but last year's shot may not work against this year's virus. Through extensive research, MSU scientists are pioneering medical solutions to predict when new flu strain will arise, and more importantly, to develop vaccines for next year’s viruses today.

Audio Transcription: Have you ever thought about what it would take to eliminate one of the most dreaded illnesses of the year? At Mississippi State University, we're dreaming big, fast on the heels of scientific discoveries that will lead to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of flu and other illnesses.

For researchers, the biggest challenge is keeping pace with viruses that are constantly evolving to become more contagious, but at Mississippi State, we have the upper hand. Our scientists are working with teams around the world to predict when and where new viruses will emerge, combining forces to create flu vaccines before epidemics actually hit. That's because, as a premier research university, we believe it is our responsibility to help improve the lives of those around us, and we're working hard to help create a world where the flu is something children will one day read about in history books.