Gulf Coast Community Design Studio

Is it possible to prepare for a hurricane? MSU’s Gulf Coast Community Design Studio believes so. More than a decade since Hurricane Katrina, the award-winning team continues to implement globally relevant housing designs to address affordability, promote healthy communities, and ensure storm resilient landscapes and infrastructures.

Audio Transcription: Ask anyone who lived through Katrina and they'll tell you. The hurricanes rage can be mighty unforgiving, death, destruction, despair for as far as the eyes can see. The come back that began immediately continues a decade later, and Mississippi State's Gulf Coast Community Design Studio has been here supporting these efforts every step of the way. Within hours of landfall, Our teams around the ground surveying the conditions of homes and helping local residents with the cleanup. We even relocated operations from our main campus and five hours away ensure shorter, faster response time. Today we're a national leader partnering with local agencies to construct stronger, more affordable housing while exploring ways to make coastal communities more storm resilient.

We don't pretend to know how to control the weather, but you can bet we're doing everything we can to control its fury.