Veterinary Neurology

Diagnostic imaging is crucial in determining many common diseases, but what if the patient is a dog or a cat? At Mississippi State’s College of Veterinary Medicine, innovative imaging is helping doctors understand the brain and spinal cord diseases in small animals and changing the game in treatment and surgical plans.

Audio Transcription: They come from across the country. Some are battling brain tumors, others vertebral and spinal conditions. And as rewarding as our work often is, it can be frustrating at times. That's because the brain and nervous system conditions are difficult to diagnose and treat. Especially when they affect patients who can't talk.

A while back, we saw a chance to start something special here. Introducing innovative imaging to better understand brain and spinal cord diseases in cats and dogs. Having that type of information makes a substantial difference when developing treatment and surgical plans. It also aids in personalizing the rehabilitation process. The toughest part of our job comes when our patients are well enough to home. As thrilled as we are to see them walk again, a big piece of our heart goes out the door when they leave.