Extension Service

No other Mississippi institution reaches farther than Mississippi State. As the only university with a presence in all 82 counties, MSU’s Extension Service makes a difference in thousands of lives each day.

Audio Transcription: It's a simple idea, the knowledge that transforms lives shouldn't be limited to those on a campus, but extended to any and all who want or need it wherever they are. At Mississippi State University, we've been making that possible for more than 100 years through the MSU extension service. What began as an effort to extend the latest research to farmers has become something much more. Today, we're helping Mississippians from all walks of life, giving them the tools they need to build a brighter future. We're sparking the imagination of students around the state and inspiring the next generation of doctors. We're helping rural communities find their way to the internet and connect to the world at large, and we're teaching families how to lead healthier lives in ways both big and small. MSU is standing firm in its commitment to that one simple idea, extend the knowledge that transforms lives wherever they are.