Irrigation Basin

Water scarcity and increasing shortages are becoming more prevalent around the globe. At Mississippi State, our teams are developing better irrigation solutions that spur recycling of nutrient-rich water and pave the way for a cleaner environment at home and abroad.

Audio Transcription: It's been said that where there's water, there's life. For some parts of the world, that simple truth has never been more evident. Fields aren't getting the water they need. Fertilizer is washing into nearby rivers and streams and harm to the environment is rising. At Mississippi State University we're working to change this by designing and implementing better irrigation solutions. We're collecting, conserving and recycling nutrient-rich water, allowing us to reduce waste, secure the livelihoods of farmers, and pave the way for a safer, cleaner environment for fish and wildlife. But we're not stopping there. We're taking the process developed in our own backyard and applying it to a global stage, so whether it's Israel, the Philippines, or Indianola, Mississippi, we're ensuring simple truths endure that where there's water, there's life, and where there's ingenuity at work, there's Mississippi State University.