A favorite stuffed animal can ease the fears of a troubled child or adult, but what if that toy actually brought healing? At Mississippi State, a robotic beagle puppy that combines groundbreaking research with therapeutic technology is creating new inroads to psychological well-being.

Audio Transcription: Everyone remembers their favorite Teddy Bear, the reassuring love of their first puppy. They comforted us and made us laugh. For children battling abusive situations or post-traumatic stress disorder. The memories aren't as pleasant. That's why at Mississippi State University, we are pioneering a robotic technology that brings healing to those exposed to traumatic situations. Known as Therabot, MSU's robotic beagle includes lifelike features that allow it to move in ways that are both natural and nurturing. Its ultimate goal to bridge the gap between two types of effective therapy using real animals and their plush counterparts for emotional assistance. At MSU, we're proud to be changing the game in therapeutic recovery, even prouder to be putting lives back together again.