Cyber Security

At Mississippi State, our scientific teams are exploring computer vulnerabilities and identifying new ways to halt malicious attacks on the internet. It’s all part of a nationally ranked program that’s fulfilling the burgeoning need for greater online security worldwide.

Audio Transcription: With every simple click, our world becomes more interconnected, open and vulnerable. At Mississippi State University, we're targeting online criminals and training the next generation of cybersecurity experts. That's great news for the military, Fortune 500 companies and local law enforcement agencies who depend on our graduates in the fight against malware attacks and other cyber threats. 

By imagining the attacks that could happen, our student-led teams are learning to stop the ones that will. It's part of a nationally ranked program at the only civilian university that's helping train Navy personnel in cybersecurity, where we're writing the code for the future of online defense. That's why, in an age where many of the biggest threats we face go unnoticed from behind a screen, it's good to know that Mississippi State is on the other side protecting our online identity with every simple click.