New partnership will impact state for generations to come

Audio Transcription:

Speaker 1: Welcome to the opening day of the Department of Homeland Security's common unmanned aircraft system site, a DHS team comprised of representatives from the Coast Guard, Customs and Border Protection, the Secret Service, the first responder community, and the Science and Technology Directorate, went through a rigorous yearlong evaluation of facilities across the country and Camp Shelby was selected as the Department of Homeland Security's small UAS test site.

Speaker 2: Unmanned aerial systems are going to play an important role for our future in so many aspects, to do research so that we can incorporate this technology into our daily lives for our future.

Speaker 3: We can fly over enemy lines and we can see what the enemy have and look at their formation so we can know where to send our Infantry in our armor in our field artillery.

Speaker 2: Boeing Corporation, for example, has opened a research facility on our campus right now in our Raspet Flight Research Laboratory. There is no way Boeing would be putting the resources and the investment that they're putting into the state of Mississippi without us being the lead center for this unbelievable field technology. This is going to have a tremendous, huge economic impact on our state, I'm gonna say for generations to come. We celebrate an absolutely outstanding day for the state of Mississippi and also for Mississippi State University.