Severe Weather Preparedness

Audio Transcription: 

Home, a place you feel welcome, safe and protected. Mississippi State is working to make your home at MSU safer. There are a number of steps you can take to prepare yourself in case of a severe weather emergency. 

First, sign up for Maroon Alerts, the university's official method of emergency communication. By signing up for Maroon Alerts, you'll receive up-to-date information regarding emergencies on or near campus. 

Simply logon to your MSU account and click on the banner tab. Then go to Personal Information and select Update Your MSU Alert Information. Fill in the blanks with your current text-enabled phone number along with your email address. Standard messaging rates may apply. You can also receive critical emergency information by following @maroonalert on Twitter or by visiting 

Second, know the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning. During a tornado watch weather conditions are favorable for tornadoes to form. During a tornado warning a tornado has been spotted or indicated by radar. Take all warnings seriously. 

Third, take appropriate action. In case of severe weather seek shelter immediately. The ideal shelter is located on the first level of a sturdy building away from windows or objects that could become dangerous if broken. When taking shelter get low to the ground and cover your neck and head to protect against flying debris. If you're in a lab during severe weather turn off all the lab equipment and shut gas safety valves. Do not drive during severe weather. 

And finally, make an effort to know your building's procedures for severe weather. You can visit for more information. Severe weather can strike at any time. It's your responsibility to keep yourself and the MSU community out of harm's way. Understanding campus procedures and taking appropriate precautions during severe weather, you can help make the MSU campus a safe and protected home for everyone.