Nerve Gas Antidotes

Chemical weapons are a rising global threat. At Mississippi State, our researchers are fighting back, developing antidotes designed to defeat harmful nerve agents and save lives.

Audio Transcription: Some days, the way of life we value and the peace of mind we enjoy, seem to be slipping further and further away. Continuous reports of terrorism, industrial accidents, and other dangers bring fear of situations that could change our lives and communities forever. While US military personnel and other first responders risk themselves every day to protect us, we at Mississippi State University are taking steps to protect them and you. When we discovered an effective antidote for exposure to harmful nerve and chemical agents didn't exist, our research team got busy pursuing one. MSU is developing a means to suppress seizures and brain damage caused by exposure to these dangerous, sometimes invisible threats. With this developing antidote, military personnel and civilians who might suffer from catastrophic circumstances will have a much better chance of recovering and enjoying the freedoms we value so much.