Partners for Health Care

Mississippi State’s deep roots in the Delta are growing deeper, thanks to a unique partnership between the MSU Extension Service and the University of Mississippi Medical Center that’s making a positive impact on health and wellness in our region.

Audio Transcription: A vital rural community is dependent on the health of its residents, and while access to medical care doesn't guarantee good health, access to healthcare is essential to a community's wellbeing, especially in the Mississippi Delta. So, when the only hospital in Humphrey's County closed its doors, Mississippi State University was eager to help. Working with a consortium of area leaders and the University of Mississippi Medical Center, MSU helped transform unused space in the historic [inaudible 00:00:29] Textile Mill into a thriving partnership.

From a convenient after-hours clinic operated by UMMC, patients gain access to physicians through cutting edge telehealth services. Meanwhile, our MSU extension agents provide onsite counsel about health, nutrition, and safe home environments.

At Mississippi State, we're committed to finding innovative solutions that bring health-related education and training to our communities, now and for years to come.