SWAT Robotics

Who says good guys only win in the movies? Touting one of the nation’s top-performing robotics labs, Mississippi State is developing technologies that give SWAT teams the upper hand in crime-related situations.

Audio Transcription: Every day, local law enforcement officers put their lives on the line to keep our communities safe. When danger escalates, teams with special weapons and tactics step in. Now, these teams have a new line of defense in fighting crime.

Created through cutting-edge collaboration at Mississippi State University, these technological crime fighters are giving the good guys the edge in bad situations. Leveraging expertise in diverse disciplines, this specialized robot serves as the team's eyes and ears, giving officers vital tactical advantages by scouting dangerous situations, and gathering intelligence. 

Today, even more robotic tools and functions are being explored and developed to help fight crime, like augmented reality technology, and smaller, more cost-effective robots that increase the effectiveness and safety of police officers.

Mississippi State University. Fighting tomorrow's crime with today's brightest minds.