Program Details

Ever wish for an easier, more affordable way to gather your course materials at the start of the semester? MSU’s Bulldog Bundle gives undergraduate students access to all required textbooks, lab manuals, access codes and electronic book versions in a convenient bundle before the first day of class—in most cases, at discounted prices. 

Through a partnership with Barnes & Noble, Bulldog Bundle allows undergraduate students to receive required course materials for all classes for a flat fee, regardless of how much each individual textbook or digital access would cost to rent or purchase separately.

Instead of purchasing materials a la carte, the cost is applied to the student’s account at the same time tuition is charged. The MSU bookstore provides each student with a convenient package for physical books, and digital materials are automatically populated to students’ courses in Canvas.

Reduce the cost of traditional textbooks by up to 50% with Bulldog Bundle! 

Program Price - $20 per credit hour

How It Works

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Register for Class

All undergraduate students except those in the Gulf Coast engineering program will be automatically enrolled into the program. Once you’ve selected your courses, Barnes & Noble will start preparing your order. You may opt out of the program through the last day to add a class each semester.

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Verify Your Order

One month before the first day of classes, you will receive an order verification link from Barnes & Noble to your MSU email to verify your order and select your delivery preference (in-store pickup or direct ship-to-home).

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Receive Your Textbooks

An email notification will be sent when your order is ready for pickup or when it ships. Your digital materials will be delivered for your course(s) within Canvas under the Bulldog Bundle digital materials link.

Frequently Asked Questions





What is the Bulldog Bundle program?

Bulldog Bundle is a course materials delivery program that lowers costs and ensures students have their required course materials on the first day of class. 

Steps Date Details
1st email "Welcome" from Barnes & Noble  7/11/23 Students will see which course materials will be used and their format (physical or digital). Email comes from
2nd Email "Make Your Selection" from Barnes & Noble 7/17/23 Students can place their order for in-store pickup or shipout. Email comes from
The "opt-out" term goes live on Barnes & Noble's website, This is not where students opt out. 7/17/23 Students can compare retail pricing vs. the $20 per credit hour on Barnes & Noble's website.
Last day to opt out of Bulldog Bundle and receive a credit onto their student account 8/23/23 Link to opt out, or back into the program, can be found at
Digital Access is turned off for students not remaining in Bulldog Bundle or who have not already purchased their materials. 8/24/23 Students will not be able to access their assignments through Canvas until they purchase the materials out of pocket. They will be able to pick up right where they left off; no work will be lost.


How does this program benefit students?

Studies show there is an increasing number of students who delay or avoid purchasing course materials, which negatively impacts their success. This program makes getting course materials easier and more affordable by reducing the cost of book purchases by an estimated 35 – 50% and ensuring students automatically receive all their books and access to electronic materials in a convenient package on or before the first day of class.

If I choose not to participate, how do I opt out of the program?

While we encourage students to take advantage of these significant savings, we also understand this program may not meet the needs of each student. If you do not want to participate in Bulldog Bundle, you will need to opt out every semester.

The link to opt out of Bulldog Bundle for the winter session will be available on November 13.

If you do not opt out of the program each semester, your student account will be charged. Please reach out to with any further questions. The opt-out email you will receive is your confirmation for the removal of charges by the university.

Who is eligible to participate?

Bulldog Bundle is available to MSU undergraduate students including Starkville, Meridian, and online students. Gulf Coast engineering students and graduate students are not eligible to participate in the program.

How does it work?

  • Register for your classes, and the MSU bookstore will start preparing your course materials.
  • You will receive a welcome email from Barnes & Noble 35 days before classes begin outlining next steps. You will then receive a second email from B&N 30 days out instructing you to select your delivery preference (in-store pickup at no cost or shipped directly to you for a small fee). These emails will come from so be sure to check your junk/spam folder to ensure you have not blocked emails from this address.
  • An email notification from B&N will be sent when your order is ready for pickup or when it ships.
  • Your digital materials will be delivered for your course(s) within Canvas. 

What is included in the program?

The program provides all required textbooks, lab manuals, access codes and digital textbook versions to eligible students.

What is excluded from the program?

The program does not include consumables that cannot be returned and reused, such as lab goggles, dissection kits, molecular model kits, engineering kits, art supplies or nursing kits.

When did the program start?

Bulldog Bundle launched in fall 2022.

How do I enroll in the program?

All eligible students will be automatically enrolled in the Bulldog Bundle program.

Can I choose to participate for some classes but not others?

No, participation in this program is all-in or all-out. 

What is the deadline for opting out?

The last day to add a class each semester.

How do I change my opt-out status?

Detailed instructions for changing your status to opt back into Bulldog Bundle will be provided closer to the start of classes. Please be aware you must make your final selection by the last day to add a class in each semester. Feel free to reach out to with any further questions.

What if I drop a class?

You may return the book to the MSU bookstore within the first two weeks of the beginning of the semester. If you drop a class and enroll in a different class, the bookstore will “swap” the required textbooks/codes so that you have what you need. 

Why is MSU partnering with Barnes & Noble College on this initiative?

Barnes & Noble at Mississippi State University is MSU’s on-campus, contracted bookstore. Both MSU and Barnes & Noble are committed to driving student success, and this partnership will ensure all students are prepared to begin learning on the first day of class. This innovative course materials delivery model addresses equitable access, convenience and affordability across all courses by bundling the cost of course materials and guaranteeing students have all of their materials for the semester available on or before the first day of class. In addition, Bulldog Bundle fully supports academic freedom and faculty choice. Faculty members can choose the materials that are best suited for their teaching, regardless of publisher or format. 

How much will this program cost?

The cost of books and digital materials through this program is $20 per credit hour each semester. You can see the comparable price for purchasing the textbooks outside the program at the time you register. 

How will I be charged for the program?

The charges for the program are applied to your student account at the same time tuition is charged. 

If I withdraw from a class or the university, will I receive a refund?

After the last day to add a class, the full cost of the credit fee for the course materials will be charged to your account. 

Can I buy my rented textbook?

Yes, the program provides you with the option to purchase textbooks at a reduced rate during the return period.

If I never pick up my books, will I still get charged?

 Yes, if you do not opt out, your materials will be held at the bookstore, and your student account will be charged.

What happens if I never verify my order?

You will receive emails and phone calls from the bookstore to remind you to verify your order. If you do not opt out, your materials will be held at the bookstore, and your student account will be charged.

How do I purchase my course materials if I decide to opt out of the program?

You will be responsible for purchasing your required course materials through the bookstore or another vendor.

Will I receive physical or digital versions of my materials?

Required course materials will be provided in the format requested by faculty. Your bundle may include a mix of physical and digital course materials.

How will I receive my materials?

Textbooks can be picked up at Barnes & Noble at Mississippi State University, or orders can be shipped to you. If you choose shipping, you will be responsible for the shipping costs. Digital materials will be automatically populated to your course(s) in Canvas.

What if I need an accessible format?

Students with disabilities who need course materials in an accessible format should contact MSU’s Disability Resource Center. Students who have not previously registered with the DRC can find instructions here. DRC will work with faculty, publishers and Barnes & Noble to provide accessible alternative formats to students with qualifying disabilities. For more information, please contact DRC at or 662-325-3335.

Can I opt out if I picked up my textbooks?

Yes, you will have 48 hours to return your textbooks. If you do not return the textbooks, the charges for the bundle will go back onto your student account.

What should I do if I’m missing a book or received the wrong one?

Send a copy of your syllabus to Make sure to include important information in your email such as course name, course section, and your contact information. 

What should I do if I have not received my books?

Orders cannot be processed until you have verified your order. If you have already done so, please reach out to the bookstore at Be sure to include your order number and first and last name so they can check on the status of your order. 

Can I write or highlight in the books I receive?


What if my books get damaged or lost?

We understand things happen! Please reach out to with your order number, and we will assist on a case-by-case basis. 

When are my textbook rentals due back to the bookstore?

The deadline to return all rental textbooks is the last day of finals. You will receive email reminders about the rental deadline.

Do I need to return books if they are for a continuation course?

Yes, you will still be required to return continuation course textbooks. You will be issued the same title for the next semester of the continuation course.

Who do I contact for support?

Please contact your bookstore team at 662-325-8361 or if you have any questions regarding your course materials.

Who do I contact for support with digital materials?

Please go to for support with digital materials. 

Will faculty have to change their course materials currently being used?

No, there are no restrictions in the course materials you select for your course. All course materials, from any publisher, in your preferred format are included in the program.

Why not work directly with publishers?

Publishers do not have the ability to provide all the different formats of content that faculty request at the lowest price possible. MSU has contracted with Barnes & Noble exclusively to provide textbooks on campus.

What happens if a faculty member changes their course material adoption?

If a faculty member changes their course material adoption, faculty should notify the bookstore of the new adoption, and the bookstore will ensure that students receive the corrected course materials. 

What if my teaching assignment changes (e.g., I was scheduled to teach one course, but later assigned to another)?

The bookstore is committed to helping as they normally do in those situations. We will just work to update the textbook adoption platform with the new materials.

Are faculty limited to the Open Education Resource options BNC has partnerships with?

Faculty can find low-cost or no-cost affordability solutions, recommended in line with relevant courses if there are no OER campus restrictions with course materials for their course. 

If I adopt Open Education Resources or don’t require a textbook, do my students still have to pay the fee?

Students will pay for the total number of credits taken a semester, not by the number of courses utilizing the program. Students have the option to opt out for all classes in their term.