Supporting Bully's Pantry

MSU and Kroger Representatives pose with a check donation to Bully's Closet.
Photo by Logan Kirkland

February 20, 2020

MSU Honor Code Office Student Services Coordinator Montelleo Hobley and Vice President for Student Affairs Regina Hyatt accept a $10,000 donation to the university's new Bully's Closet and Pantry from Kroger Delta Corporate Affairs Manager Teresa Dickerson and Starkville Kroger Store Leader Deco Simmons. Located at 120 Morgan Ave. and open since January, Bully's Closet and Pantry is part of MSU's Food Security Network and offers nutritious food, professional clothing, toiletries and other basic items free of charge to MSU students. Kroger's donation supports the company's "Zero Hunger, Zero Waste" plan. MSU is committed to fighting food insecurity locally and is a leader in research to fight hunger around the world.