MSU promotes awareness for campus recycling program

Mississippi State University currently recycles an average of 66,300 pounds per month.  This represents a 9 percent increase in recycling from 2017 to 2018. The campus-wide sustainability initiative "Maroon Goes Green" is continuing its efforts to increase recycling awareness and participation among the campus community. Custodial staff members continue to be an integral part of this process and are committed to helping increase recycling numbers.         

Past research on the MSU campus has shown that recyclables make up an overwhelming majority of office waste. For many years, desk-side office containers have been designated as recycling containers. In 2018, blue bags were placed in all office desk side containers as a reminder of this process. The Campus Sustainability Committee also has passed a new Sustainability Policy that states:  

Shared spaces such as common office areas, hallways, as well as exterior spaces, shall have both trash and recycling receptacles wherever there is waste disposal. In these spaces, when new waste receptacles are purchased, they shall have both a trash and recycling bin option. As funding is available, recycling receptacles will be added in shared spaces where only a trash receptacle is present. Office space containers will function as recycling receptacles only, and trash will be disposed of in common areas. Receptacles will be marked with current signage or clearly identified by the color of the container and/or bag.    

Individual departments shall notify their building operator concerning trash container and recycling receptacle needs. All new construction and renovation shall make provisions for trash and recycling by incorporating receptacle locations into the facility design. Interior and exterior receptacles shall meet campus standards and shall be supplied along with the furnishings and equipment of newly constructed or renovated facilities.  

Here are important ways the MSU family can contribute to the "Maroon Goes Green" initiative across campus:        

—Be aware of the types of items that can be recycled. Aluminum, paper (not paper towels), cardboard and plastics #1 and #2 all can be placed together in any recycling container on campus.         

—Prevent contamination of recycling. Food waste and liquids can ruin an entire batch of recycling and send it to the landfill, defeating our efforts. Be sure to empty liquids from bottles and cans and rinse food containers before placing them in recycling bins. Place all food and non-recyclable waste into trash cans in common areas (restrooms, kitchen or break areas, hallways and exits).        

Questions regarding the recycling program on campus can be directed to the Office of Sustainability at or 662-325-6637.        

For more information on recycling efforts at MSU, visit   

Wednesday, February 6, 2019 - 4:54 pm