MSU College of Veterinary Medicine recognizes 12 incoming students with Bardsley Scholarships

The MSU College of Veterinary Medicine is awarding 12 incoming doctor of veterinary medicine students with prestigious Bardsley Scholarships. The group of Bardsley Scholars includes, front row, from left: Kristin Miller of West Columbia, South Carolina; Grace Shields of Allegan County, Michigan; Anabel DeBruhl of Starkville; Rachel Claus of Green County, Ohio; Cassandra Barber of Monogalia County, West Virginia; and Kylie Fisher of Harrison County, West Virginia; back row, from left: Brady Brown of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee; Caleb Glover of Greenville; Emily Vowell of Taylorsville; Caroline Coussens of Little Rock, Arkansas; Hannah Kruse of New Haven, Missouri; and Julie Robinson of Greenwood, South Carolina. (Photo by Tom Thompson)

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STARKVILLE, Miss.—The Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine recently awarded prestigious Bardsley Scholarships to 12 top-ranking applicants selected to the class of 2023 doctor of veterinary medicine program.

Bardsley Scholars must have demonstrated high academic performance by achieving at least a 3.75 GPA on a four-point scale in their undergraduate studies. Applicants are reviewed by a committee of MSU CVM faculty, who evaluate their extracurricular activities and demonstrated leadership potential.

The scholarships are made possible by a gift from the estate of Dr. Charles and Viola Bardsley, who lived on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and took a special interest in the College of Veterinary Medicine. Each year, scholarships are awarded to eight to 12 incoming students who meet the requirements. Mississippi residents and students from West Virginia and South Carolina, who receive in-state tuition rates as a result of contract arrangements through their respective state legislatures, qualify for $25,000 scholarships, and those from other states, who pay out-of-state-tuition, qualify for $50,000 scholarships.

To retain their scholarship, each Bardsley Scholar must maintain at least a 3.5 GPA in their studies while in the CVM. In addition to the scholarship monies, they are given preferential scheduling of courses, externships, research experiences and clinical rotations, as well as additional leadership training during their time at MSU.

This year, five graduates of MSU undergraduate programs are among the Bardsley Scholars. The complete list includes, by hometown:

ALLEGAN COUNTY, Michigan—Grace Shields, a graduate of the University of Findlay.

GREENE COUNTY, Ohio—Rachel Claus, a graduate of the University of Findlay.

GREENVILLE—Caleb Glover, a graduate of Mississippi State University.

GREENWOOD, South Carolina—Julie Robinson, a graduate of the College of Charleston.

HARRISON COUNTY, West Virginia—Kylie Fisher, a graduate of West Virginia University.

LAWRENCEBURG, Tennessee—Brady Brown, a graduate of the University of Tennessee.

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas—Caroline Coussens, a graduate of Mississippi State University.

MONOGALIA COUNTY, West Virginia —Cassandra Barber, a graduate of the University of Findlay.

NEW HAVEN, Missouri—Hannah Kruse, a graduate of Mississippi State University.

STARKVILLE—Anabel DeBruhl, a graduate of Mississippi State University.

TAYLORSVILLE —Emily Vowell, a graduate of Mississippi State University.

WEST COLUMBIA, South Carolina—Kristen Miller, a graduate of Presbyterian College.

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