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Building closures beginning Monday, March 23rd

Beginning Monday, March 23, the university will implement a building closure plan to help keep gatherings in facilities to less than 10 as mandated by the U.S. government. Many buildings on campus will be locked and will be accessible to only those with keycard/key access to a particular facility. This also affords us the opportunity to reduce our energy consumption and save resources. Please join us in doing everything you can to reduce the risk of infection from COVID-19. Your efforts do make a difference.

These buildings listed below will remain open to provide essential services to our students and employees:

  1. Student Counseling Services located in Hathorn Hall
  2. Longest Student Health Center
  3. All residence halls & Housing and Residence Life office
  4. Colvard Student Union
  5. University Post Office
  6. The Marketplace at Perry
  7. Montgomery Hall – Disability Support Services, Admissions
  8. Library – limited access
  9. YMCA Building – Vice President of Student Affairs, Dean of Students
  10. County Extension Offices (with the exceptions of Pearl River, Pike, and Montgomery Counties)
  11. Regional Research and Extension Centers
  12. Bully's Closet & Pantry - 120 Morgan Avenue
  13. University Police Department
  14. Giles Hall
  15. Barnes and Noble Bookstore
  16. Allen Hall
  17. Garner Hall
  18. Bost Building

Again, thank you for your continuing efforts during this time of uncertainty. If you have questions, contact the MSU Call Center at 662-325-5555.