Background Image Alternative Text: MSU President Mark E. Keenum

Statement from MSU President Mark E. Keenum

“I heartily commend the Mississippi Legislature for their vision, commitment, and courage in voting to give our state a new flag in which all Mississippians can feel unity and pride. I am also appreciative for the support of our governor in this endeavor. Our elected officials provided a thoughtful, engaged audience to university leaders and to our MSU contingent who traveled to Jackson to respectfully advocate for change.

“Yes, a new flag promises to make a difference in how the rest of the world views our state - but I believe the real value of this change will be in the way that we view ourselves. The Bulldog family played a significant role in bringing this change about. Whether among our lawmakers or as citizens engaged as advocates at the Capitol, on the phone, or on social media, Mississippi State was effective in joining a sweeping coalition of Mississippi stakeholders in making this victory possible.

“Now, we must continue the long and complex work of effecting meaningful racial reconciliation, ensuring social justice, and providing opportunities for economic prosperity for all Mississippians.”

Mark E. Keenum
Mississippi State University

Sunday, June 28, 2020 - 2:35 pm