Closed captioning now available for MSU Webex meetings

Closed captioning is now available through Webex Assistant, which has been configured for MSU Webex meetings under a trial license from Cisco. The university has been assured the trial license will remain active through June 30, 2021. 

Those hosting Webex meetings must have Webex Assistant enabled on their accounts to make the following key features available for all meeting participants.  

  • Live Transcription - Running captions during the meeting can be turned on or off at any point in the meeting
  • Closed captioning - Closed captioning provides greater accessibility for participants with hearing impairment.
  • Meeting highlights - The host and attendees can capture highlights in three ways: voice activated, trigger words, selecting and highlighting text, and voice commands.  
  • Voice Commands - Using "OK Webex" as the wake word will prompt a visual and audible response  
  • Recording Transcripts - Enable in-meeting recording to capture the post-meeting transcript
  • Cross-meeting search - After the meeting, search all of your meeting transcripts with key words.  
  • Viewing and editing highlights - Navigate the Webex Meeting page to view and edit highlights and transcripts post-meeting  
  • Sharing highlights - Participants can select multiple highlights to share via email for fast follow-up 


Contact the ITS Service Desk at or (662) 325-0631 to request enabling of Webex Assistant for your Webex account. 

The following knowledge base articles give insight on using Webex Assistant: