Mississippi State hosts emergency training drill on March 25

Contact: Allison Matthews

STARKVILLE, Miss.—Mississippi State will host the 47th Civil Support Team, a component of the Mississippi National Guard, for an emergency training exercise on campus March 25.

MSU Emergency Manager Brent Crocker said the 47th CST will be in Starkville the week of March 22-25 for training purposes, with an exercise scheduled to take place on campus Thursday to drill first responders on a hypothetical emergency scenario.

Students and other members of the campus community are advised that emergency vehicles and first responders wearing special gear, including hazmat suits, will be utilizing the southeast corner of Davis Wade Stadium and adjacent parking areas for this training throughout the morning of the 25th and into the afternoon hours.

“MSU welcomes the opportunity for our university responders and other first responders like the CST and local fire and rescue departments to come together for training purposes anytime we have an opportunity because this type of drill does help prepare for optimized response in an actual emergency,” Crocker said.

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