MSU makes ‘grand’ showing at annual CPRAM competition

Contact: Sasha Steinberg

STARKVILLE, Miss.—Staff members in Mississippi State’s Office of Agricultural Communications and Office of Public Affairs are bringing prestige to the university with a Grand Award, eight first-place awards and other honors from the College Public Relations Association of Mississippi’s annual competition.

CPRAM, a consortium of public relations professionals employed at Mississippi’s public and private colleges and universities, recently held its recognition program in a virtual format.

“Thank You for Watching Over Our Campus,” a video produced by OPA and its University Television Center, received the Grand Award in the senior division’s electronic media category. Also taking home a first-place award in the new media/social media category, the video was created by David Garraway, UTC director; Sid Salter, MSU chief communications officer and OPA director;  UTC senior producers James Parker and Steve Carver; and Hal Teasler, UTC creative manager.

The 2020 print issues of MSU’s Alumnus magazine, published by OPA and the MSU Alumni Association, received first place in the senior division’s institutional magazine category. Team members for these issues include John Rush, vice president for development and alumni; Sid Salter, chief communications officer and OPA director; Jeff Davis, alumni association executive director; Harriet Laird, OPA associate director; Susan Lassetter, OPA publications editor; Heather Rowe, OPA digital design editor; Emmalyne Beck, contributing writer; Vanessa Beeson, Forest and Wildlife Research Center publications editor; Amy Cagle, MSU Foundation publications manager; Camille Carskadon, College of Education communications specialist; James Carskadon, OPA research editor; Bonnie Coblentz, OAC senior extension associate; Alaina Dismukes, Agriculture and Natural Resources Marketing student writer; Nathan Gregory, OAC news writer; Addie Mayfield, MSU Foundation communications specialist; Allison Matthews, OPA news editor; Reagan Poston, Agriculture and Natural Resources Marketing student writer; Sasha Steinberg, OPA writer; Mel Thurlow, College of Veterinary Medicine outreach director; Erica Way, MSU Foundation marketing manager; Emily Wright, contributing writer; Megan Bean, Logan Kirkland and Beth Wynn, OPA photographers; Mary Georgia Hamilton, contributing photographer; Kevin Hudson, OAC photographer; and Tom Thompson, College of Veterinary Medicine coordinator of photographic services.

Summer and Winter 2020 covers of MSU's Alumnus magazine

“We are so fortunate at MSU to have a group of talented, dedicated staff members who take great pride in their work and believe in the university. That’s almost always a recipe for success in marketing and branding,” said Sid Salter, MSU chief communications officer and OPA director.

Elizabeth Gregory North, OAC department head, said, “We really appreciate the opportunity that CPRAM provides us to learn from all the universities and colleges in Mississippi, and recognition from this group of our peers makes it mean that much more.”

Additional first place honors include:

  • Feature Story—“No Rivalry in Kindness: MSU’s Scott selflessly gives kidney to LSU student, earns Dean’s Award,” Allison Matthews and Megan Bean.
  • Photography—“Campus Cowboys,” Megan Bean.
  • Television Spot—“Meeting the Challenges of a Changing World,” Checky Herrington, OPA brand manager; David Garraway; Bethany Shipp, OPA marketing and communication coordinator; Sid Salter; and James Parker.
  • Television Program—“The Last Supermarket,” David Garraway, James Parker and Hal Teasler.
  • Web Advertisement—“MSU Summer Advantage Digital Advertising,” Checky Herrington, Heather Rowe, Sid Salter and Bethany Shipp.
  • Exhibits—“Aim for CHangE – Choice Pantry Model, ” Phillip Smith, OAC extension associate III, and Masey Smith, project manager, Department of Food Science, Nutrition and Health Promotion.

Second Place winners are:

  • Web Advertisement—“MSU Bachelor of Applied Science Degree Digital Advertising,” Checky Herrington, Heather Rowe, Sid Salter and Bethany Shipp.

Third Place honors include:

  • Television Spot—“IHL COVID-19,” David Garraway, Sid Salter and Hal Teasler.
  • Public Relations Campaign—“Be A Hero: Protect Your People from COVID-19,” Elizabeth Gregory North; Art Shirley, OAC web communications manager; Kim Trimm, OAC extension associate II; Phillip Smith; Ellen Graves, OAC social media strategist; Chris Sowers, OAC print manager; and Stan Moreland, OAC copy center operator.

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